Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We've Been HIT....


Well, well, well, look whose back. After a brief retirement the Napier's have been brought back to the game. Our dear friend Julie has called us out and we've been 'tagged' which means I have to think of 5 completely amazing and interesting things to tell
all of you about myself and the fam..

Numero uno:

Even though I grew up in the most football happy place on the planet, my favorite sports are soccer and cycling. I can easily kill a Saturday during the fall watching college football but I can destroy a whole month of my life watching the Tour de France or spend dollar after dollar getting every television channel that will allow me the maximum number of soccer games possible for viewing. If you need useless info. on the spring classics, the major tours, American stage races, or a brief history of the Liverpool FC since the eighties I'm your man. I'm probably the only Texan who has ever been inspired by Bruce Grobbelaar.

Numero Dos:

There's a song in the musical Oliver Twist that's titled "If I were a rich man", in which a man discusses all he would do if he were rich. After long thought the Napier's have decided what we would do if we were rich and here's the list : 1) A new truck converted to bio-diesel; Most likely a big red-neck job like a Ford 250 or 350. 2) Get the wife a new vehicle that doesn't have 140,000 or so miles on it. 3) Add on a bit to the house we just bought. 4) Get a new bicycle...Done, that's it. Probably invest and give away the rest. Don't believe us, try us. Give us riches and see what we do. Honest, you give us millions as an experiment and we'll try and uphold our end of the bargain.

Numero Tres:

We watch way to much HGTV (Home and Garden Television). We can carry on discussions as to who our favorite designers are, what we like about the new "Dream Home," and can give you a list of how much it cost to live in certain cities. Other than the above mentioned sports, this is probably one of the only reasons we have cable.

Numero Qutro:

We are extremely fashion conscience.
i.e. Combine that adidas warm-up top with some Nike bottoms; not gonna happen. Nike shoes on your feet then the rest of the body needs to be decked out in the swoosh as well. Exceptions to the rule= Asics go with everything as it's a a neutral shoe. Nike or Adidas on the feet you can go with a no name or no label brand on the body. (I know buying Nike and Adidas goes against every human rights stand that we're trying to improve but allow us some hypocrisy. )
Remember this only applies to the Napier's...... We don't hold the rest of the population to our standards. BTW, I just realized how "Plastics" the last statement sounded.

Numero Cinco:

I spent way to much time on this list. This has taken me almost all morning. I'm done.

I'm not gonna tag anyone because I don't think that many folks read the casa-del-napier blogspot.


Blogger juli said...

i read it! i'm so proud of you guys...and perhaps this will encourage both of you to write more...you both have a lot to say :) thanks for doing it!

3:28 PM  
Blogger texelct said...

Are you sure cycling is a sport?

5:06 AM  
Blogger sandcastlz0511 said...

I read it too! BTW I have your mail. Jules

8:36 PM  
Blogger Mark Berry said...

me too now :-b

2:47 PM  
Blogger Mark Berry said...

... oh and just to be pedantic "If I was a Rich Man" is from "Fiddler on the roof" not "Oliver" ;) and if you want the fastest updates on the Scousers, the BBC is pretty reliable...


2:51 PM  
Blogger KC said...

me too!! me too!! I read you too! and i eagerly await what you have to say next.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Lance & Kim & Linsey said...

Hey guys
We had a great time over Christmas. Glad Linsey and Karis had time to play. We also enjoyed taking in some Pappadeaux's!

We probably need some help on that Nike, Adidas thing but we'll do our best.


8:30 AM  
Blogger texelct said...

I keep coming by here, thinking that one day casa-del-napier will again rise in the blogger-sphere and share with us again.
OK, cycling is a sport. Now will you come back?

5:47 PM  
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